Manufacture, repair

Repairs, modifications, manufacturing and settings

  • Full settings: fix bridge, tremolo, neck, strings positions, octave,
  • Fret installation: pressing, levelling, profiling, polishing in case of nature and gloss finished fretboard,
  • Tremolo- and base changing, screw- and baseboard grinding, tremolo stock changing,
  • Fretboard changing in case of bolt-on and glued ,
  • Truss rod changing and setting (bolt-on, set-trhough neck),
  • Body top changing, by miller, new top gluering,
  • Inlay working, binding on fretboard, on headstock and body to use shell, wood, acrylate, plastic…etc.,
  • Repairing, cementation of cracked and broken parts,
  • Repainting, varnishing, polishing, finishing of the repaired surfaces,
  • Electronics changing, modifying, tuning, electrical parts changing,
  • Milling works: place of pickups, -electronics, -tremolo, -neck nest,
  • Making non-series pickguard, cover for electronics, pickup cover and frame, truss rod covers to used wood, plastic, shell,
  • Fabrication unique nuts, saddles from bone, -plastic, -metal and making bridges.

Apart from the items listed above I can do further repairs and modifications to meet your individual needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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