Welcome to my website!

I’m Sandor Alexa and I have been in love with playing the guitar for 43 years. I have been playing the guitar since I was 14 and I’m still actively involved with music. I made my first electrical guitar 33 years ago followed by many more over the years. I also did and still do repairs, tunings and settings.

All the guitars I have made over the years are customized and personalized. Not only the type of wood and the shape of the guitar are selected as per the client’s request but the electronics, paint work and varnishing on the guitar as well. During the process of making the guitar there is a constant communication with the client to ensure that the guitar’s look and sound will meet the client’s expectations. (If requested photos can be provided during the manufacturing process). If the client needs advice or recommendation with certain details, I will gladly assist them with my professional advice.

Over the years I have created a guitar manufacturing shop equipped with the necessary tools for guitar making and repair. Not only is the shop well equipped but I also have a wide variety, good quality of woods readily available as well as guitar accessories. The finishing paint and varnish is done by a „professional” with whom the clients have been very satisfied over time. At any given time I have finished instruments however I mainly cater to clients who are looking for custom designs, shapes or specific details.

After the initial consultation I will provide a detailed price based on the specifics of the request. In an effort to help the client choose the right sound and style I have made my own studio (with effects and amplifiers) available for clients to try out the finished guitars I have in stock to help them make the right choice.

Check out some of my finished products as well as steps from the making of the instruments on my website. Also listen to how they sound on the attached recordings.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.
I hope I will soon have a chance to personally meet you and help you with your specific needs.

Take Care and Enjoy.

Alexa Sándor  
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